Week 11 – November 10, 2010

| November 14, 2010

We handed out the Critical Thinking and Musical Listening projects as a resource, especially for the final projects, before going around and discussing our ideas for the final projects.

We then moved into the Neopolitan Sixth assignment.

Here are recordings from class:
Ji Hye – Piano
Lisa – Piano
Joe – MPC1000
Fran (& Ron) – Piano (& Voice)
Hilary – Banjo
Jacquelyn – PIano
Soomin – Piano
Yoonjean (& Soomin) – Violin (& Piano)
Megan (& Jacquelyn) – Alto Saxophone (& Flute)
Stephanie S. – Piano (played by In Young)
Andrew – Piano
Lindsay – Piano
In Young – Piano

Pick an option you hadn’t done from the Neopolitan 6th handout! Do it! Do it now! (Or do another one from the same one you did already.)

Suggested Discussion Topic (not mandatory):
How has this assignment affected, if at all, the way you think about the Neopolitan 6th chord? Has it helped your understanding of the chord?