Week 13 – December 1, 2010

| December 5, 2010
We began by discussing holiday song ideas before beginning the class properly with the rest of the Neopolitan assignments.
Here’s a link to all the recordings from this class.

Ji Hye – Chopin Prelude (piano) (1)
Fran – Beethoven Moonlight Sonata (piano) (1)
Steph S. (& In Young) – (voice & piano)
In Young – Mozart (piano)
Lisa – (piano)
Sara – (piano)
Once this was finished, we began to hear people’s final projects.

Ji Hye extended her rapitative project (2)
It was nice to hear the melody come first before the rap and the melody was a nice touch. People thought the melody worked really well with the accompaniment.
Fran (2)
also took inspiration from her rapitative project but it is entirely new Incorporated some ground bass and different ways to play with chord progressions. She used the idea of different POVs for different sections and found the organization to be the most difficult as well as trying to treat the subject matter seriously.
Steph G. (w/ Jacquelyn)
Inspired by a previous composition as well as her own personal fluteplaying at the moment (which was why she picked the medium of two flutes) but did not want to do too much quoting. Feels she could have added more stylistic ornamentation etc.
Andrew (bassoon fugue)
Recorded it himself and likes doing fugues for kids but did not expect for it to be so difficult. He found it to be a fun challenge and he would like to extend it more.

Continue working to finish final projects.