Week 14 – December 8, 2010

| December 13, 2010

We began by delving into the rest of the final projects we had yet to hear.

Steph S. (w Justine & Hilary): Redoing “Botti Botti”
A very successful attempt at changing the style of a piece just by changing the structure; managed to keep musical integrity in the new form.

(Bonus – Steph singing the original aria)

Lindsay (w Yoonjean, Sara, and Lisa): Redoing the Neopolitan 6 assignment
The second half of the song was effective with the rhythm of the ground bass; she was trying to see if the N6 chord would still add a fresh sound to the harmonic movement (the answer is yes).

(Bonus – Lindsay’s extension of her rapitative assignment)

Joe: inspired by “Avenging In Bright” by Thomas Moore
Wanted to play with building a melody and adding different textures and feels to it.

(Bonus – Joe’s extension of his Neopolitan 6 assignment (inspired by Neo from the Matrix) — Send me the MP3, please!)

Jacquelyn (w Ron): Redoing the Prelude in C assignment w/ Adeste Fideles
She wanted to specifically use a piece from the 18th century to go with the Prelude, then modified it to suit it. She thought a lot about passing tones and suspensions.

Soomin: Redoing her Neopolitan 6 assignment and also incorporating “When You Wish Upon A Star”
Clever combination of songs due to the thematic content

Yoonjean (w Soomin): Redoing her Neopolitan 6 assignment
Reminiscent of music coming from Vienna in the 1800s. The piano accompaniment was very subtly supporting the violin melody and the two parts came together very well.

Meg (w Ji Hye): Transposition of a Handel violin sonata & a written accompaniment
Hard to accommodate the leaps in the original violin sonata on the saxophone. Transposed it first, did harmonic analysis of the original piano accompaniment, and then wrote another piano accompaniment.

Hilary (w Yoonjean): Handel’s passacaglia, arranged, then added “Alas! what hope of speeding”
First attempt at writing in this style and also first time writing for violin. A lot of drama and it felt almost cinematic.

Finish final papers!