Week 15 – December 15, 2010

| December 19, 2010

In our last class we finished up with our final projects and had pizza!

Ron (w/ Joe, Justine, Yoonjean, Hilary, Andrew, Lindsay, Stephanie G., Jacquelyn, Soomin)
Painted a vivid picture; wrote well for banjo and it was almost as though the banjo and voice were dueting while supported by the rest of the ensemble.

Sara (w/ Lindsay & Ron) – Winter Song & Quia Respexi from the Bach Magnificat
Very contemporary accompaniment even in the style of the time period. It was challenging for her to get away from the original inspiration

Lisa – inspired by “Frondi tenere/Ombra mai fu” from Serse by Handel
Had the same problem Sara had, getting away from her musical inspiration in order to create something new. Refreshing to hear the style in English.

In Young (w/ Lisa) – text by Emily Dickinson, music by Mozart
Wrote very well for voice, both regarding range and the melodic contour. Very much reminiscent of the musical inspiration.

Happy break!