Week 4 – September 22, 2010

| September 25, 2010

We began today by going over the two mind teasers that we have been working on so far over the semester.

First Mind Teaser:
Dr. Pogonowski used overtones as the basis for the first mind teaser because she feels it is useful information to know, especially in regards to how it can be manipulated electronically to create different timbres.
Using Fundamental C: C2 – C3 – G3 – C4 – E4 – G4 – Bb4 – C5 – D5 –
6th, 7th, and 9th partials: G – Bb – D (G minor chord)
5th of that chord is D
That mode is Dorian.

Second Mind Teaser:
4th space in tenor clef equals E.
Put E in alto clef puts it on the fourth line.
Put the bass clef behind it and it is F.
When F becomes the tonic, the last accidental of its natural minor scale (F minor) is Db.
Using Db as tonic of a new minor scale, the third is Fb.
Fb, enharmonically, is E.
That mode is Phrygian.

Overall, people seemed to enjoy the composition project for this week. Keep this in mind because one of the final project options can be a creative extension of one of the projects that we have been doing over the semester.

Using the same groups as last week, we went through the same procedure as before to teach others your composition extension. Here are links to the recordings:
Group 1
Group 2
Group 3

For the future, keep in mind the characteristics that will make it easier to sing the compositions in a pinch:  leaps, again, can make things difficult to sing. Close voicings can also make things very easy. It seems a good bet is to start all in unison, then split up because you still have a good sense of the tonic.

After the performances, we then moved forward to recitative. The function of it is to advance the story and it usually precedes an aria. It is more functional, as opposed to arias. Let’s compare it to rap then, which also tells a story and came out originally of the frustration of populations in the United States.

We then compared and contrasted the following pieces:
— Handel’s “Al valor del mio brando”– an example of High Baroque. Even his recitatives are slightly more melodic than usual; notice the simple accompaniment. (To access this track, go here and click on ‘e-music and sound collections’, then go to Naxos. Sign in with your UNI and password, then search for the title of the recitative.)
Don’t Believe The Hype – Public Enemy

Listen to 3 recitatives and 3 raps from the late 80s and early 90s. Compare/contrast them and think about how you might combine them both into one, based on a personal story you want to tell.

Discussion Topics (Suggested; Feel free to discuss any topic or one of your own choosing)
What was your experience during this new composition assignment?
How did this assignment develop/not develop  your understanding of either/both of these types of music?
How did this assignment develop/not develop your appreciation of either/both of these types of music?