Week 7 – October 13, 2010

| October 17, 2010

We started directly with analysis this week, performing the same singing exercise that we have been doing for the last two weeks as a warm-up to get back into the piece. We did it two times, first on an ooh and then a la (with Dr. Pogonowski adding dynamics), before doing it a third time from memory. After a fourth time, experimenting with different vowels (e.g., me, moe) we created a few impromptu quartets to start off more renditions (with everyone joining in after a few measures).

We then began to talk about the analysis, starting with the difference between half and fully diminished chords by looking at the 2nd inversion C# fully diminished chord (C#-E-G-Bb, resolving to D minor; vii0/ii – ii). We then looked at the 2nd inversion B fully diminished chord (B-D-F-Ab, resolving to C major). Many of these inversions are done for voice leading purposes; if you are ever confused about the purpose of a chord, look ahead to see where it leads.

We did some experimentation with the double bass, first with whole notes and then with a more moving line. We then had the class sing, accompanied by the bass (combination of both) and piano.

Here’s a link to all of the recordings from this week.
In Young – Piano Recurring, slightly varying melodic theme that unified the composition. Creative use of escape tones. The mix of rhythms was very effective to create a contrapuntal type of flow over the Prelude.

Lindsay – Piano Felt like a conversation between the melody and the accompaniment. Interesting melodic contour. People were divided on whether they liked a solo or octave melody.

Esther – Piano Good use of dynamics throughout, corresponding with the melodic contour. Melodic sequences were also effective. The melody accented the diminished chords.

Jacquelyn – Flute Stephanie found herself imagining ornaments and trills to expand the melody. Sara thought the phrasing came out really well. Change of pace starting with the leading tone and also the incorporation of chromatic pitches. Just to see, Jacquelyn repeated her piece again accompanied by double bass.

To wind down the class, Dr. Pogonowski asked In Young, Jacquelyn, and Lindsay to all play their pieces along with Ron’s accompaniment.

None besides performing your piece if you haven’t yet performed already.

Discussion Question:
None this week.