Week 8 – October 20, 2010

| October 24, 2010

We immediately began going through the rest of the compositions.

Hilary – Banjo
Accessible, sounded flowy/water, interesting timbre compared to what you usually assume from a banjo. almost had a mandolin kind of quality.

(Bonus track: Hilary, accompanied by Justine)

Stephanie S. – Voice
Nostalgic, perfect lyrical content. Text painting was very appropriate especially on the diminished chords.

(Bonus track: Hilary, Stephanie, & Justine)
(Bonus track: Hilary, Stephanie, Justine, & Jacquelyn)

Lisa – Piano/Voice
Made more sense as a vocal melody. A greater emotional quality when she sang, especially because of the timbre and phrasing. She found it difficult to compose without her voice.

Sara – Piano/Voice
Good use of movement; a lot of light and dark in her vocal quality.
The dynamics were also very effective.

(Bonus track: Lisa & Sara)

Fran & Jacquelyn (piano and flute)
E during the diminished chord– something we haven’t heard before. Sounds like it was definitely written for piano rather than voice. A lot of build.

Soomin – Flute
Great treatment of the diminished chords. Great tone for three months. Originally composed on piano so it was ambitious to start in that range on the flute which led to a very interesting registration.

Ron – Piano
Very effective use of multiple voices, especially moving in and out of
that portion. Very rich with nonharmonic tones.

Andrew – Bassoon
Nice use of escape tones, plus the recapitulation/return to the original melody as heard in the beginning. Good use of patterns.

Andrew & Meg – Bassoon & Alto Sax
Listen to three things featuring ground bass throughout music history (examples: Led Zeppelin, Pachabel’s Canon, Dido & Aeneas)

Discussion Topic (Suggested; feel free to discuss another topic):
How did your listening experiences go?